“So endure patiently, with a beautiful patience” – Al Ma’arij verse 5 Welcome to Spring! This special season is when the earth turns its slumber into reawakening. Each year, as we transition from the cold dormancy of Winter into the...
10+ Fits Inspiration Matched with The Nostalgia Collection
For this printed hijab collection, we chose plain outfits in bright and vibrant colors that are perfect for the summer, with little accessories that do not block your activity throughout the day, not forgetting the sunglasses that are a must for the sun of this summer.
Modest Fashion Trends for Summer 2021

Are you excited to get on trend for this summer? We present to you the latest Fashion Trends for Summer 2021, and we cover the outfits, the Bags and the Hijab styles that are hitting this season!

10 Outfits for Eid 2021

Eid al Fitr is just few days away, although it feels like Ramadan started yesterday!

This Eid, your outfit preparations should be on fleek! Getting ready for Eid is very exciting and joyful, especially that you will be sharing joy through your overall look and attitude.

We present to you, dear Bokitta Lover, a variety of suggestions for your Eid outfits, matched with our Bokitta instant hijabs that will bring elegance and sophistication to your appearance.

5 Fashion Tips to Blossom in Spring of 2021
We finally welcome the season of chirping birds, flying butterflies and blooming valleys. The season of colors and life. What is more beautiful than nature in SPRING with its beautiful scents, colors and blossoming flowers everywhere? It brings joy and...