10+ Fits Inspiration Matched with The Nostalgia Collection

Just like with every collection release, we surprise you with exclusive prints from Bokitta, stitched with care and made with love from the finest fabrics, in lightweight material and cotton lining for breathability.

We all love to add a touch of vintage items to our homes; But this time, we added it to your style in clothes! More specifically in your hijab, in a simple creative way that will lift your style to a different level of beauty and femininity.

With Nostalgia Collection, we got way too far out of the box and we rewound old memories brought from places, moments, events, movies, or even instruments and tools, to revive nostalgic feelings from the simple times in the past. We intertwined a touch of florals and old elements in our prints, to give you a sensation of a vintage feminine look.

Floral patterns were sketched firstly by real artists, and followed a long process to meet the best qualifications and be offered for you, dear Bokitta lover.

For this printed hijab collection, we chose plain outfits in bright and vibrant colors that are perfect for the summer, with little accessories that do not block your activity throughout the day, not forgetting the sunglasses that are a must for the sun of this summer.

1. Once Upon a Time:

This hijab features a very special print of old technologies and instruments with a touch of flowers, for a vintage revived look.

    Bokitta Blog - Nostalgia Collection Outfit Inspiration

    Flashy outfit’s colors are to be matched with this hijab print! We spelled out the colors of the hijab on the matching outfit, and we chose different shades of orange on a dress and a shirt, with high waist wide-leg black pants. To spice up the look, we chose the outfits to be in a shiny fabric with little ruffle details.

    Bokitta Blog - Nostalgia Collection Outfit Inspiration

    Adding a leather matching mini handbag and brownish sunglasses will make you rock the look.

    2. Blast from the Past:

    This print is inspired by feminine florals found on printed vintage clothes. With its subtle light pink hue, it adds a classic touch to your look.

    Bokitta Blog - Nostalgia Collection Outfit Inspiration

      Light girly Pastel colors outfits are the best to be matched with this hijab print.

      We picked a baby-lavender long shirt with white pants and slippers, for a casual fascinating look.

      Bokitta Blog - Nostalgia Collection Outfit Inspiration

      We also suggest a rose hue long tunic with wide-legged denim jeans. Add to this look a simple white cross bag (with a chain strap) and mini heals for a super fashionable look.

      3. Nana’s Sofa:

      This print is inspired by cozy vintage textiles made of rich colors, floral motifs and stem elements. Wear it for a daring vintage look that mimics the nostalgic spirit of our grandmother’s homes.

        Although it is a vintage nostalgic print on the hijab, yet with the outfits we matched, we created a renovated feminine look full of life and vividity.

        Bokitta Blog - Nostalgia Collection Outfit Inspiration

        Match this hijab with a long-plated clay-shade skirt and a burgundy oversized shirt. Add matching heels to elevate the look and keep it more feminine.

        A simple accessory can change the whole appearance, so you can add a simple belt and sunglasses to keep the standards high.

        Bokitta Blog - Nostalgia Collection Outfit Inspiration

        Another option to choose with this hijab is a semi-casual suit-like look in a monochromatic sand color. You can add under it a brownish top, and of course matching heels and milky shaded purse to complete the full elegant look.

        4. Message From Unknown:

          This captivating design illustrates fences with flowers hanging around them to show the great old-time visits, and give you a sensational look.

          We are in love with the purple color in this print that meets lavender in its shade and beauty!

          Bokitta Blog - Nostalgia Collection Outfit Inspiration

          Get out of your comfort zone and choose a beautiful monochromatic cerulean blue long dress, with matching accessories.

          You can also match a dark peacock blazer with light Denim pants, for a perfect match with this hijab.

          You can choose accessories in the same color or on different hues, to create a glamorous contrast.

          Bokitta Blog - Nostalgia Collection Outfit Inspiration

          You can always mix and match if you are respecting the bases!

          5. Sound of Music:

          Your favorite green shade takes over the background of this hijab, featuring a print of musical notes merged with florals and special curtain-inspired shapes, derived from the so-called movie elements.

            What’s better than mixing light and dark plain colors with a printed hijab?

            Bokitta Blog - Nostalgia Collection Outfit Inspiration

            These outfits choices work for both light and dark colors lovers. You can go for a jumpsuit in light mint shade, with subtle shoes and accessories, but we added a colorful necklace to break the monochromatic look.

            Bokitta Blog - Nostalgia Collection Outfit Inspiration

            The second option is a dark top with chest ripples and a long beige drape skirt, with closed fancy slippers.

            6. Letters to Juliette:

            This poetic hijab print is a must-have in your wardrobe! It is inspired by vintage art and designs of flowers found on vintage postcard designs, and scattered on a light beige background, to give you a beautifully romantic look.

              Make your hijab look on point and choose the right outfits to make a fashionable combination!

              Bokitta Blog - Nostalgia Collection Outfit Inspiration

              A dazzling romantic look is what this outfit is all about. We chose a long single color dress in a peachy hue, with a creamy handbag and accessories. A ballerina shoes or heels will add a boost to your femininity.

              For a classy everyday outfit matching with “Letters to Juliette” hijab print, we paired a latte shade top with buttons, with wide-leg denim pants. For a bit of contrast, we added a small burgundy purse.

              Bokitta Blog - Nostalgia Collection Outfit Inspiration

              7. Drawover:

              This hijab features vivid rosy colors over a dark navy base, inspired by an originally black-and-white photo that we painted to give it a new fresh look but with the nostalgic vintage feels.

                Matching this hijab works great with both light and dark colors. So here are 2 suggestions for outfits that you can wear with ‘Drawover.’

                Bokitta Blog - Nostalgia Collection Outfit Inspiration

                Influenced by the pinkish color in the florals on this hijab, we chose a Barbie pink outfit base with dark pants and accessories.

                Bokitta Blog - Nostalgia Collection Outfit Inspiration

                The second outfit is a one-piece long dress in dark raisin shade, combined with a purse and a necklace in ivory shades, and snake print flat shoes.

                *A small tip*: Choose your outfits based on the ‘3 colors rule’. Pair no more than 3 colors in each outfit, unless you are including black or white tones.

                You don’t need to exaggerate with accessories in these looks because the floral and vintage items prints are doing all the beautiful work.

                We hope these outfit suggestions inspire you to choose your everyday looks, to wear with the Nostalgia Collection Hijabs! Surely, people will ask you about your hijab in florals and these nostalgic items, so say out loud that it is Bokitta’s!

                🍃 You can also mix and match different colors with these printed hijabs, following the guidance of the color palette. But always remember, that beauty lies in modesty, so keep your clothes modest and in conditions that please Allah. 🍃

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