Modest Fashion Trends for Summer 2021

The joy of summer vibes and the theme of bright colors bring excitement for the fashion trends of Summer 2021. This year's fashion styles are somehow inspired by the modest no-shape defining beauty, in stylish designs and bold shades!

Are you excited to get on trend for this summer? We present to you the latest Fashion Trends for Summer 2021, and we cover the outfits, the Bags and the Hijab styles that are hitting this season!

1. Plain Monochromatic Bold Colors look and Color Blocking

    This style is giving basics a twist, while filling your summer with sophisticated cuts!

    This year, neutral white and monochrome styles are back, with a color palette in black, white, brown, and golden colors, for some couture houses, next to neutral pastel colors for others.

    Bokitta Blog - Monochromatic Bold Color fashion

    2. Long sleeves are on trend this summer and not only for hijabis!

      Oversized Shoulder Pad jackets are an easily slipped on item that will give a special type of beauty to your look.

      Another long sleeves outfit is the Sorbet Pastel suit. Choose between a cool mint green boiler suit and a soft lavender oversized trench coat – or try both at the same time.

      Bokitta Blog - Long Sleeves fashion

      3. Puffy Sleeves

        The adorable puffy arms styles are IN this summer. It will be available in both Puffy sleeves on the arms and shoulders.

        Bokitta Blog - Puffy Sleeves

        4. Sweatshirts for Formal Looks

          Just like every year’s trend, some fashionable funky styles hit the season. This summer, sweat shirts are worn as semi-formal looks on runways, with matching skirts that we like to call “sweat skirts.”

          Bokitta Blog - Sweatshirt fashion trend

          5. Flare Dresses

            Skirts and dresses are taking over the season as well as loose pants, in both prints and plains.

            The essential beauty element in these pieces is the ability to twirl weightlessly, to enjoy the light summer breeze, in a chic and modest outfit.

            Bokitta Blog - Flare Dress Fashion

            6. One Size Dress

              This summer's must-have big style! It will bring comfort and practicality to your outings, in a stylish look.

              Bokitta Blog - One size dress

              7. The Big Jeans Trend or the Wide-legged pants

                For both casual and formal outfits, denim pants are ruling in both styles this summer.

                Taking inspiration from the early 2000s, But this time, the design of wide legs and stitched jeans pieces in different shades, are coming back.

                Often this season, you will see them matched with long oversized lace blouses or wide T-shirts, for a girly confident irresistible style.

                Bokitta Blog - Wide jeans fashion

                8. Sparkles and Sequins

                  Hey there sparkle lovers! This summer is giving you a style inspired by the disco period, in a different sense of fashion.

                  Bokitta Blog - Sparkles and Sequins

                  A Beautiful look cannot be complete without a trendy bag! The right bag or hand accessory can elevate even the simplest of outfits, which is why it is so important to know the ins and outs of bag trends each year.

                  Bags Trends:

                  Many designs are displayed this summer to suit every woman’s style! From chic to funky, to bold and classic.

                  1. Fluffy Feathers Handbags

                    Feathers are hitting this summer, and it is not their first time taking over the style! This design is ideal for day and evening outfits.

                    For a chic textured look, make sure to add a bag with feathers that fits your essentials.

                    Bokitta Blog - fluffy feathers bag

                    2. Satin Mini Bags

                      Simple shaped plain satin mini bags with an exterior handle are on trend, especially in bold solid colors like Green, blue, beige and pink.

                      Bokitta Blog - Satin Bag

                      3. Chain Link Straps

                        A beautiful twist that will add an extra accessory for your shoulder or handbag. Lift your classic look with this wooden or metal addition.

                        Bokitta Blog - chin strap Bag

                        4. Net Bags

                          Inspired by the sea creatures, this style was born. Although they are popular in summer, yet this time, they are not made only for the beach. These fashionable bags will hold your phone, wallet and sometimes your groceries!

                          Bokitta Blog - Net Bag

                          5. Circular Shaped Style Handbag

                            Chic and Trendy! Make a statement with these bold colors bags in leather fabric.

                            Bokitta Blog - circular Bag

                            Hijab Collections by Bokitta that are hitting this summer:

                            Beautify your style with a matching Hijab from the latest Collections of Bokitta. Choose your favorite instant pinless hijab style from the following collections on our website. Shop now!

                            Bokitta Blog - Jolie Collection

                            JOLIE Collection

                            To add a simple sparkle touch to your overall outfit, get your favorite instant hijab shade with crystal rhinestones on the edges.

                            Bokitta Blog - Batik Collection

                            BATIK Collection

                            For floral print lovers, the hijabs in this collection will be your favorite this summer!

                            Bokitta Blog - Rayhana Collection

                            RAYHANA Collection

                            A special Collection to reveal the beauty of the Muslim woman, by highlighting her characteristics. Get your Arabic calligraphy printed hijab to stand out!

                            🌼 You may follow the trend every season, but always remember to get what suits your body and skin tone better, and choose modest clothing items that please Allah and keep you in your best Muslim image. 🌼

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